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Linux System Administration Courses

  1. GL120 - Linux Fundamentals

    Essential skills needed to be proficient at the Unix or Linux command line. A solid foundation for other Guru Labs courses.

  2. GL250 - Enterprise Linux System Administration

    Installing, configuring, securing, and maintaining Linux systems. Critical knowledge for every Linux administrator.

  3. GL275 - Enterprise Linux Networking Services

    Essential skills needed to be proficient at the Unix or Linux command line. A solid foundation for other Guru Labs courses.

  4. GL615 - Linux for Unix Administrators

    A fast paced combination of the GL250 "Enterprise Linux Systems Administration", and GL275 "Enterprise Linux Networking Services", geared toward experienced Unix administrators. Particular focus is given to translating Solaris and HP-UX skills to Linux.

High Performance and Advanced Systems Administration

  1. GL340 - Docker

    Learn all the key features of Docker (the hottest container solution for Linux). See how both Dev and Ops teams can use Docker to streamline the secure, scalable delivery of applications within your enterprise environment.

  2. GL636 - GlusterFS Storage Administration

    Administration of the popular GlusterFS distributed filesystem.

  3. GL645 - RHEL Clustering and Storage Management

    Comprehensive overview of clustering and storage components of RHEL.

  4. GL660 - Hadoop for Systems Administrators

    For administrators responsible for managing and administering Hadoop clusters.

  5. OST100 - Introduction to Openstack Private Clouds

    A short course to introduce OpenStack to a variety of audiences from managers to developers.

  6. OST104 - OpenStack Private Cloud Administration

    OpenStack private cloud workshop to obtain a working knowledge obtain working knowledge of the OpenStack open source cloud system.

  7. OST204 - OpenStack Advanced Administration and Deployment

    A course that takes a deep dive into advanced OpenStack administration including HA, CEPH, storage systems, troubleshooting, and deployment

Specialty Linux Systems Administration Courses

  1. GL280 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux v7 Differences

    Technologies different from RHEL6 to RHEL7.

  2. GL314 - Linux Troubleshooting

    Learn troubleshooting of Linux systems through extensive troubleshooting labs; 25% lecture, and 75% lab.

  3. GL325 - Linux Performance Monitoring and Systems Analysis

    Theories and methodologies for tuning, monitoring performance, and analyzing the performance of the Linux operating system.

  4. GL355 - Docker with Kubernetes Administration

    A combination of the GL340 "Docker" and KBS101 "Kubernetes Administration" courses.

  5. GL380 - Ansible

    Using Ansible to automate provisioning, configuration management, service deployment, and operational processes.

  6. GL650 - Red Hat Satellite v6 Administration (Foreman/Katello)

    This course covers how to install, configure and use Red Hat Satellite v6 (aka Foreman and Katello) using best practices. Each student has their own real world, 6 node classroom environment to simulate real-world deployment scenarios.

  7. GL651 - Red Hat Virtualization v4 Administration (oVirt)


  8. KBS101 - Kubernetes Administration

    Concepts and architecture of Kubernetes

Security Courses

  1. GL413 - Enterprise Linux Server Hardening

    Hardening of a RHEL Linux System.

  2. GL429 - RHEL SELinux Policy Administration

    To become comfortable with SELinux Policy Administration on RHEL.

  3. GL550 - Enterprise Linux Security Administration

    Focuses on using the latest advances in Linux security to secure both the base OS, and a collection of the most popular applications. Advanced security technologies such as Kerberos and SELinux are covered.

LPI Certification Prep Courses

  1. LPI101 - LPIC-1 Exam Prep (Course 1)

    LPI level 1 certification exam 101 preparation course for v3.0 objectives. The first of two courses for the LPI level 1 certification.

  2. LPI102 - LPIC-1 Exam Prep (Course 2)

    LPI level 1 certification exam 102 preparation course for v3.0 objectives. The second of two courses for the LPI level 1 certification.

  3. LPI201 - LPIC-2 Exam Prep (Course 1)

    LPI level 2 certification exam 201 preparation course. The first of two courses for the LPIC-2 certification.

  4. LPI202 - LPIC-2 Exam Prep (Course 2)

    LPI level 2 certification exam 202 preparation course. The second of two courses for preparing for the LPIC-2 certification exams.

Enterprise Certification Prep

  1. GL199 - RHCSA Exam Prep

    Training to prepare students for the RHCSA certification exam.

  2. GL299 - RHCE Rapid Track Course

    Training to prepare for the RHCE certification exam

Scripting and Programming Courses

  1. GL375 - Linux Shell Scripting

    Skills necessary to automate tasks on a Unix or Linux system.

  2. GL440 - Learning Perl

    To become comfortable reading, understanding, and modifying Perl scripts.

  3. GL468 - PHP Fundamentals

    Students desiring a thorough introduction to the PHP programming language and basic introduction to related technologies.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Courses

  1. GL124 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems Admin I

    An introductory Linux training course for acquiring Linux systems administration skills.

  2. GL134 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems Admin II

    Class two of the Linux Systems Administration training track.

  3. GL254 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems Administration III

    Advanced systems administration for network services


  1. GL290 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Solaris Administrators

    A transition course for Solaris Administrators looking to migrate skills to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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