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GL440 - Learning Perl

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Learning Perl is a crash course in Perl Programming. The primary goal for this course are to become comfortable reading, understanding, and modifying Perl scripts, and to know where to look for more information. The primary course text is the O'reilly "Learning Perl, Fifth Edition" with additional labs, demos, and discussions added as appropriate.


Some programming experience is required. Students must have at least basic familiarity with a shell, a text editor, and with a UNIX system. These topics are covered in the GL120 "Linux Fundamentals" course.

Supported Distributions:

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

Course Outline:

  1. Perl data and variable types
  2. Subroutines
  3. File operations
  4. Regular expressions
  5. String manipulation
  6. Lists and sorting
  7. Process management
  8. Smart matching
  9. Using third party modules